BonaCaeli believe breathing clean air is a fundamental need for the global economy and for our social well-being

Monitoring and cleaning air with our scientifically proven CO2 and Air Sanitiser products and services not only identifies harmful conditions but also helps reduce and eliminate real threats, including COVID-19.

  • We believe now is the time to take action and take greater responsibility for the air we breathe in our indoor environments
  • We believe that science should take the lead in understanding, recognising and developing the solutions for us all to keep as safe as possible wherever we are
  • BonaCaeli’s technical knowledge and experience is the enabler to turn ‘AIR’ science into highly beneficial and desirable ‘AIR’ products

AirRISK Service

We understand your space. How people use rooms, corridors and communal spaces. We can help you quantify and mitigate risks and even determine the impact if Covid-19 enters your space

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