The International journal of Science
4 February 2021

‘A year into the pandemic, the evidence is now clear. The coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is transmitted predominantly through the air —by people talking and breathing out large droplets and small particles called aerosols. Catching the virus from surfaces —although plausible —seems to be rare’

(E. Goldman Lancet Infect. Dis. 20, 892–893; 2020)

BonaCaeli and COVID

At BonaCaeli we believe the evidence is sufficiently strong to warrant engineering controls. Enhancing particle filtration and air disinfection, avoiding air recirculation, targeting airborne transmission forms part of an overall strategy to limit infection risk indoors.

BonaCaeli is the first Cleantech company to bring a product capable of reducing significantly (and effectively eliminating) the COVID-19 virus indoors. Contributing to kick-starting the economy and enabling friends and family to meet once again.

We believe that the use of risk-based controls in public buildings is an important measure to reduce the chance of transmission and so protect healthcare workers, patients and the general public.

In hospitals, shops, offices, schools, kindergartens, libraries, restaurants, cruise ships, conference rooms, BonaCaeli in parallel with effective application of other controls (including isolation and quarantine, social distancing and hand hygiene) makes an additional important contribution to reduce the likelihood of transmission: protecting us all.

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AirRISK Service

We understand your space. How people use rooms, corridors and communal spaces. We can help you quantify and mitigate risks and even determine the impact if Covid-19 enters your space

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