énergie Fitness demonstrate to members it’s safe return to the gym


Based in Tunbridge Wells, énergie Fitness is a club dedicated to helping clients meet their fitness goals within a fun and empowering environment. After being closed due to Covid-19 restrictions, énergie Fitness wanted to take additional precautions to ensure the safe return of their gym members and staff. BonaCaeli’s AirRISK assessment and AirVSAFE2000 has given énergie Fitness members the peace of mind to exercise indoors safely and allow pre-pandemic class sizes in the studio.


When énergie Fitness re-opened after lockdown, many members expressed anxiety around returning to the gym. They were particularly concerned that the risk from airborne viruses would be heightened by people exercising and breathing heavily in an enclosed space and without a mask.

For many gyms, indoor classes have been running at less than 50% capacity compared to pre-COVID-19 times, with many gym members not renewing their memberships.

énergie Fitness therefore wanted to find a way to assess the risk, reduce it as far as possible, and demonstrate to clients that it was safe to return.


BonaCaeli began by providing énergie Fitness with a full venue-specific AirRISK assessment, looking at what would happen if a person with Covid-19 walked in and did a full workout, using all the gym equipment.

Following the assessment, BonaCaeli recommended a series of measures, including occupancy limits, air exchange rates and installation of an air purifier. énergie Fitness installed an AirVSAFE2000 in the studio where group classes are held to minimise the viral load present in the air and provide reassurance to customers. The BonaCaeli AirVSAFE2000 runs quietly in the background, using a combination of powerful UV light, anti-septic bio-wash, and a high-throughput fan to inactivate virus pathogens in the air.

Charles Foulkes, the owner of énergie Fitness Tunbridge Wells gym explains, “The reason for buying the AirVSAFE 2000 is simple, to protect our gym members whilst allowing larger class sizes in our main group exercise studio. We have taken an ethical attitude towards airborne viruses and the addition of this advanced air purifier furthers our reputation for safety and wellbeing within our gym environment.”


Thanks to the AirRISK assessment, énergie Fitness was able to identify all risk areas and implement measures to mitigate them.

énergie Fitness displays a ‘green’ AirRISK certificate showing that it has been independently assessed and reached the highest level of safety – giving members confidence to return to the gym. The AirVSAFE2000 comes with a poster explaining its benefits – further adding to staff and members’ peace of mind. Active gym membership is returning to the same level as before Covid-19.

“When I instruct Pilates in the main exercise room, I know that my classes are strengthening their core and their breathing, but the sanitiser is easing their mind,” Michelle Barnett, Fitness Instructor.

Because the AirVSAFE2000 runs constantly, it reduces the viral load by 99.999% in the studio. Additional safety precautions has permitted larger gym classes in the studio, enhanced the members’ experience and reduced staff sickness and commercial loss for the gym owner.

énergie Fitness has attracted new clients thanks to its enhanced reputation for safety, increasing the gym’s turnover.

“I was nervous about returning to the exercise classes I love but knowing there is such a high-tech system to keep the air bug-free is very reassuring in such an enclosed space. I might have not come back yet without it!” énergie Fitness gym member, Janet Ross.


The AirRISK assessment and installation of BonaCaeli’s AirVSAFE 2000 has been essential for the safe return of énergie Fitness gym members, giving them the reassurance to enjoy exercising indoors again safely. The air purifiers presence has allowed classes to return with the same capacity as before COVID-19, minimising commercial loss.