Historic Inn keeps staff healthy and productive with BonaCaeli air purifiers


BonaCaeli recently installed an AirVSAFE 2000 air purifier at a historic coaching inn. The manager relies on a team of well-trained staff to run the inn and needs to do all she can to keep sickness at bay in order to keep the business operating and maintain a service for its customers. The BonaCaeli AirVSAFE 2000 helps keep staff safe from viruses and reassures guests too.


To maintain the excellent levels of service that customers have come to expect, the manager relies on well-trained staff to run two busy bars and a restaurant, as well the hotel and function rooms. Since the end of lockdown, one of the biggest challenges she has faced is keeping her team safe from Covid and other airborne viruses and maintaining good staff levels.

As the pub also has a restaurant and function rooms, the manager wanted to reassure customers that she was doing everything possible for their safety as well – especially with ongoing concern around new Covid variants. Putting in extra space between tables went some way to helping with this, but she wanted to do more to reduce the risk and show customers that she had done so.


BonaCaeli advised the manager on which areas of the premises presented the biggest risk to staff from accumulation of infectious aerosol mists. BonaCaeli suggested placing an AirVSAFE air purifier in the restaurant area, as it would be the most effective way to both protect staff and reassure customers.

BonaCaeli supplied the inn with an AirVSAFE unit and helped them to set it up in the restaurant. The staff now power the unit up each day a couple of hours before opening time to ensure that it is working at full capacity.

The AirVSAFE continuously cycles the air during the day, sanitising the virus pathogens present in infectious aerosol mists and cleaning the air at a rate of 510m3/hr. The unit remains inconspicuous in the background of the restaurant with no disruption or disturbance to diners.


Both staff and customers have been very impressed with the unit.

  • The number of days lost to staff absences has decreased.
  • Guests now enjoy a more carefree dining experience.
  • The inn stands out from the competition thanks to its positive action against Covid.
  • The inn has seen a rise in repeat bookings.


The installation of BonaCaeli’s AirVSAFE unit at the inn has been a huge success. There have been fewer staff absences, and guests report that they are able to enjoy themselves