Bona Caeli is Latin for Good Air


We started the BonaCaeli Project because we were bothered by the fact that we really, really did not know how working for long periods in offices, and living indoors in big cities, affected our health and well-being.

Did we really know the composition of air that we were breathing in?

Did we really understand what health effects this would have on us?

Could we manage our indoor air environment better?

Could we improve our health and well-being by doing this?

So, we set about raising awareness of the composition of the air and particularly levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in our homes, workplaces and vehicles, along with the effects this can have on an individuals’ health and well-being.

To do this we had to:

  • Educate ourselves and understand
  • Find out and measure
  • Use the data to manage our lives to improve our well-being
  • Do something to improve the composition of the air in our offices and homes.

Our answer: we created a range of BonaCaeli products that helped us

Educate and inform ourselves

Measure CO2 concentrations

and ultimately pointed the way to how we could reduce the amount of CO2 which we breathed in our everyday lives.

We now want to bring this knowledge and understanding to you.