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As our CO2 monitors provide us with data, we are able to draw out the key information that will inform the design of our CO2 absorption products. We want to share that information as widely as possible so it is worth becoming a BonaCaeli Partner and registering your interest.



Our CO2 sensor is a portable device to monitor your exposure to high CO2 levels. This allows you to identify the places that may have a negative impact on your health so that you can choose to do something about it



We have designed and are building products that will reduce CO2 concentrations in your indoor spaces. The designs of these products are influenced by the data we obtain from the CO2 sensors, as well as our own research into the most effective ways to reduce CO2 concentrations.

Our fossil-fuelled way of life is causing CO2 levels to steadily rise to levels that mankind has not been exposed to before


You’ve seen the graphs. You’ve seen the pictures of smog-filled cities. But it feels like there is little you can personally do. You might feel that whatever you could do would just be a drop in the ocean.

You feel powerless. We did too.

We wanted to see how we could make an impact – if only for ourselves and our colleagues and families. So, we started doing research and reading papers on ideas to reduce CO2 concentration levels. Then we came across the research on the composition of indoor air.

There’s a big difference between the composition of indoor and outdoor air particularly the CO2 concentrations. We wanted to find solutions for our own indoor air. When we first discovered the effects that the composition of indoor air have on us, we couldn’t believe it!

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The first step to solving a problem is identifying you have one. We need to identify specific areas where CO2 levels cause the biggest issues in your day-to-day live. To do this we need as much information and data as possible.

This is your chance to contribute to fighting against an existential threat facing humanity

To gather this data and find the best possible solution to rising CO2 levels, we have developed a CO2 sensor. This will also allow us to gather data and find out how we can most effectively develop a solution that will benefit you.

Increasing CO2 concentrations are a worldwide problem, so the solution should also be available to everyone.

We are now bringing these capabilities and information for you to use and improve your lives.

Do you like our vision?

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