FREE Webinar: Risk Management and Mitigation for Viral Infections in Indoor Spaces

Online Webinar Details:

Date: Thursday 27-January-2022                 Time: 11:00 am UK time

Duration: 30 minutes plus Q&A


None of your personal information will be shared with any 3rd parties, once we have received your registration we will send you the link to the Microsoft Teams Webinar by email.

Owners and managers of indoor facilities (such as offices, restaurants, gyms and cinemas) are responsible for the safety of their customers and staff. It is essential they are fully aware of the facts and underlying risks of indoor virus transmission.

This webinar will present a briefing on the facts and risks, along with current Government guidelines, risk assessment techniques and equipment to substantially reduce viral infection risks. The webinar will give an opportunity for attendees to seek advice on infection risk management and compare their experiences with other attendees.

The Speaker:

Prof. Minoo Patel is a project leader on the BonaCaeli Team. He is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and, with UK Government funding, has led the development of technologies and techniques to reduce the risks of exposure to airborne viruses