AirSAFE 2000

The AirSAFE 2000 is the next generation product and includes added personal control and a quieter fan in an all-new ergonomic design.

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99.99% Reduction In Viral Load Every Working Day

High-throughput air purification sanitises the virus pathogens present in infectious aerosol mists in communal spaces. The AirSAFE cleans air at a rate of 510m3/hr, constantly cycling air, treating the room’s total volume. An HSE-required space for 4 people has 44m3 of air, which is cycled through the AirSAFE over 11 times every hour, reducing the viral load by 99% in less than 4 hours, and achieving a 99.99% reduction in less than 7 hours. 

The techniques used in AirSAFE have been independently assessed and commended by UK Government scientific experts.

AirSAFE Professional 1000

AirSAFE 2000


Unique Triple Air Treatment Process (TATTM)

The AirSAFE combines tried and tested anti-viral techniques to eliminate infectious aerosol mists within an enclosed space. The AirSAFE treatments consist of: (1) a high-efficacy bio-wash scrubber; (2) a powerful UVGI radiation to inactivate virus pathogens; (3) a dust, pollen and particulates filter, cleaning the air for people in the room.

99% of virus pathogens 
in a room in
4 hours

Without air purifier


Simple air purifier


BonaCaeli TATTM scientific air cleaner


AirRISK Service

We understand your space: how people use rooms, corridors and communal spaces. We can help you quantify and mitigate risks, even determine the impact of COVID-19 entering your indoor space.

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Educational CO2 Air Kits for schools

Our Educational kit can teach children about carbon dioxide and its concentrations at different locations and the effects that these can have

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