Social media ambassadors celebrate safely at Google Pixel phone launch event with BonaCaeli air purifiers


Global brand experience agency, Amplify, produced a Google Pixel event in Shoreditch to celebrate the launch of its new tech. To celebrate the Google Pixel’s new Tensor chip, the event was themed around a chip shop. 200 guests, including Pixel social media ambassadors, came together to enjoy gourmet fish and chips, live music and to learn about the new Google Pixel 6 phone. BonaCaeli’s AirVSAFE units ensured that the guests could mingle safely indoors.


The Pixel 6 launch event took place in November 2021 and was the first of its kind for 18-months. To ensure the success of the event, which saw 200 guests gather indoors at ‘pre-pandemic’ density, Amplify wanted to relieve any anxiety around mixing in large numbers and minimise the risk of transmission of Covid-19 and other airborne viruses.


Amplify worked with BonaCaeli to calculate the number of units required for the size of the indoor space and number of guests.
BonaCaeli’s AirVSAFE units were placed in each corner of the room and powered ahead of the event to ensure they were working at full capacity. Throughout the event, the units continuously cycled the air, sanitising the virus pathogens present in infectious aerosol mists and cleaning the air at a rate of 510m3/hr. Though the AirVSAFE units were running continuously during the event, they remained inconspicuous in the background with no disruption to the running of the event.

“We prioritise safety when producing events, including the safety of the air we breathe. The presence of the air sanitising units increased confidence for staff and attendees. We will be using them at future events.” Saoirse Richardson, Business Director, Amplify.


Both Amplify and Google were very impressed with the units.

  • The AirVSAFE units minimised the spread of Covid and other airborne viruses
  • The units were unobtrusive and did not distract from the event
  • The units complemented other safety measures at the event
  • Attendees had a better event experience thanks to peace of mind

“The units gave us peace of mind that we’d taken every step we could to ensure guests could have a safe and enjoyable experience.” Stephen Messham, Experience Producer, Google


The use of BonaCaeli’s AirVSAFE units at the event was a huge success. Staff and attendees were reassured of their safety, and 200 people were able to get together and celebrate with minimal risk of transmission of airborne viruses.